Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 real all the time.... Digi has offer the cheapest rate among others... 
having look at the plan.
.I almost feel of the chair

(sorry fren, having problem to upload the plan... )

Korang pun terkezut...ha! told you so. 
I opt for plan 238 (love it) . Macam I  ni suka potpet potpet kat phone kan...1,000min voice for free is just as good as free diamond ring! 
wah! giler kentang la..... but true... its worth it sangat...  and the rate for sms and mms is as low as other plan Digi offered. This plan 238 is mainly focus to those who like to blablablabla..and blablablablabla.....

Love you Digi!

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